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Nihilism and anarchy in Nikos Nikolaidis’ “Glykia Symmoria” [1983 Greece]

Exploring Nikos Nikolaidis can be a bit of a challenge, because not only are his films not widely available – even the ones that are turn up without English subtitles, they’re also not properly remastered. One will have to … Continue reading

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Nadia Mourouzi in Theo Angelopoulos’ “O Melissokomos” [1986 Greece]

Theodoros Angelopoulos will forever be considered among the greatest directors in world cinema. And his delightful cornucopia of work has influenced many a contemporary alongside the younger directors, in the same manner in which he too drew influences from … Continue reading

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Mina Orfanou in “Strella” [2009 Greece]

I’ve had the DVD of this Panos H. Koutras drama, “Strella” [Eng. Title: A Woman’s Way] for well over a year now. It is also one of the most poignant and radical films I’d seen during the time, one … Continue reading

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Antigoni Amanitou from Nikos Koundouros’ “1922” [Greece 1978]

In “1922”, Nikos Koundouros recreates events from the little known Greek genocide towards the end of the Greco-Turkish war of 1919-1922 where, within the single province of Anatolia alone (present day Turkey), about a third of a million civilian Greeks … Continue reading

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Michele Valley & Meredyth Herold in “Singapore Sling” [1990 Greece]

Nikos Nikolaidis is a very interesting director indeed – and for those who enjoy dark and edgy films that occasionally throw away the rule-book, going through his filmography would be a feast for their senses.
When I watched it for … Continue reading

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