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90 Responses to My Membership

  1. Boatdrinks says:

    Thank you for the thoughtful and insightful reviews!

  2. darksnipper says:

    Thank you very much for your nice work :=)

  3. salpeter13a says:

    Thank you for your awesome work und your unique videos

  4. slick1234 says:

    Very nice and informative. Keep up the great work.

  5. radknight says:

    Great site!

  6. wetpillar says:

    Love your work

  7. Zwei says:

    Thank you very much for this nice website:)

  8. bonneville says:

    Thank you for all the great video’s

  9. alex_bojinov says:

    Excellent work,well done,mate! Intelligent reviews of intelligent films!Just a friendly suggestion:Russian cinema is worth checking out!

    • TR says:

      Most definitely Alex..!
      Even if I’ve admired Tarkovsky over the years, I’m only beginning to discover post-communist Russian cinema, and the site will be incomplete without gems from Russia and other Slavic countries. I look forward to getting them here… 🙂

  10. ethereal says:

    Thanks a lot for the membership, love the work you are doing here

  11. c2k says:

    Thanks for the add.

  12. patocletti says:

    Thanks, great site btw.

  13. Andy says:

    Thank you for all and congratulations for this website

  14. g3moa32cle says:

    cinema russo e o melhor. valeu pelo site

  15. sdf123 says:

    thanks. good collection of rare scenes.

  16. Necros says:

    Thank you very much for the site, the video clips, the awesome tributes, the info and the reviews!

  17. prisma80 says:

    Thank you very much for this

  18. hanialayli says:

    thank you for giving me the membership , love your work

  19. Javier001 says:

    Excellent site, I really appreciate it

  20. Lindaum says:

    Thanks for accepting me! =)

  21. cloche says:

    Good jobs, Excellent site
    Thank you

  22. picasst says:

    super site ! good job

  23. enterpcs says:

    The content of this site is amazing. Thank you for your much appreciated hard work you put in to make this site unique !

  24. estevesfr says:

    tnks , keep the good work.
    From Portugal

  25. rastor says:

    Thank you. Your work is much appreciated.

  26. tomtom33 says:

    Thx 4 u invite!

  27. sujunsu says:

    thanks for this site

  28. thefool says:

    Thank you, and I really love your vidcaps. Great work!

  29. Ulysses says:

    Thanks a lot, TR. Your works just helps guys who stuck in Asia to explore the world of European Movies (or Western Celebrities^.^)!

  30. rakete33 says:

    thanks for this site, great work

  31. thunder007 says:

    thank you

  32. hashimbalaal says:

    Hi, Thank you very much for approving my membership request. I understand the need for you to have a screening done. I’ve seen instances in some other sites where people have unashamedly lifted photos from your site, not even giving you the credit for the work. So, the new security thing is totally justified. I’m really privileged and honored to be accepted into this membership. Thanks for your continued reviews. Warm Regards!

    • TR says:

      You’re welcome..! 🙂
      Yes, I reject more than half the applications because they approach the site with the wrong attitude. It is a matter of trust, and the key is to read the T.O.S while signing up. Most people simply don’t!

  33. fran59 says:

    I’ve always been a big fan; glad to get the chance to keep current with your fine work. Many thanks!

  34. The Radge says:

    Another quality site. Very good work.

  35. geluk says:

    Thank you very much for approving my membership request.
    greetings from geluk

  36. praesys says:

    Thank you very much for approving my membership request.
    this is very valuable site. only one in a kind. HAIL THIRSTYRABBIT !!!!!!!!!!

  37. qthinh says:

    Thank you. I love this site.

  38. sniper999 says:

    Thanks for your work

  39. hoochimama says:

    This place is a goldmine. Thank you.

  40. EarendilSailor says:

    Agree with hoochimama, a true goldmine.
    Thanks so much!

  41. Tum_sahan says:

    Ur work is Greatly appriciated

  42. movfan says:

    Fantastic site! I appreciate how you compile and put together all these gems. Great work. Thank you!

  43. onekerpal says:

    Glad to finally be among the ranks of the approved!!! Keep digging up these cinematic gems, truly priceless…

  44. TR says:

    Welcome to the blog guys – I’m sorry you had to go through the registration process. But it had to be done after rampant misuse…

  45. elrawda says:

    thank you so much , this is unique effort

  46. were217 says:

    Thank you very much I love this site.

  47. BBSNXS says:

    Thank you wery much !

  48. Ethan says:

    Thanx…love this site.

  49. Wanderer says:

    Thank you!

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