Ivonne Montero & co in “El Tigre de Santa Julia” [2002 Mexico]

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Alejandro Gamboa’s 2002 comedy adventure “El Tigre de Santa Julia” [Eng. Title: The Tiger of Santa Julia] is a light-hearted interpretation of the life of the eponymous Mexican legend who gained reputation as a later day Robin Hood by robbing from other criminals and helping the poor. Only his gang consisted predominantly of women.

The film depicts ‘El Tigre’ José de Jesus as a reluctant hero, whose exploits were ’embellished’ by a journalist-friend to make him the larger than life character he became. It is funny, sexy and full of gun-slinging action – all good fun. And the bevy of beautiful women who fill the screen certainly don’t disappoint, it is like having a spicy Mexican barbecue on a warm summer evening. The soundtrack is pleasing with some smooth Cumbia tracks thrown in, but the stylised cinematography actually spoils the experience. Among the DVD extras the director explains his attempts to recreate a comic-book feel to the film, but I’m somehow not convinced of the end result. It also felt criminal to distort beautiful faces with such saturated colours (of course, I’m talking about the women).

Mine was also a letter-boxed DVD with the option to view in full-screen – so the quality is only average, but I’ve enhanced them slightly for these compilations. While my reason for buying the film was actually the rather dishy Ivonne Montero, it is nevertheless an entertaining film, and there are many other scenes that are just as sexy. I recommend this film simply for these reasons.

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