Claudia Goytia in “Rojo Orgásmico” [2012 Mexico]

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“Rojo Orgásmico” is the first film by Christian González that I’ve come across, even if he appears to have been making films for ever. Perhaps because, as in this case, his films tends to aim at a niche local audience.

It’s about a film student, going by the name of Samurai (Luis Durán), who decides to make a documentary on Casandra (Claudia Goytia), a table dancer past her prime, as part of his thesis. He gives his film the title Rojo Orgásmico, and upon his lecturer’s instigation, breaks convention to develop it further into a kind of docu-drama, where the star of the film, Casandra, will unwittingly become a tragic heroine.

Casandra, unused to young men taking interest in her life, readily agrees to being filmed by Samurai, and before long also falls in love. She introduces him to her kids and family members, and reads more than she should into his enthusiastic visits and manners. She will realise after a while that he doesn’t love her as much as she does, but decides nevertheless to win him over, by expressing her readiness to do anything that pleases him, which will take her into uncharted territory, like Japanese bondage and so on.

The shocking aspect of the film is not so much the prevalence of sex and nudity, explicit as some scenes might be, or the shoddy production design, workmanship, and the lacklustre direction in general, but the response, or lack of it, from the film-maker protagonist in situations that demand a modicum of humanity to shine through. Not sure what González is trying to say here, but it is not only tactless, but also illogical.


The Nudity: Claudia Goytia
Claudia Goytia certainly raises the bar in nudity-stakes as if there is no tomorrow. If she were trying to follow on the footsteps of her more illustrious compatriot María Rojo, she should have chosen a better film. But I suspect she will, if not already, start regretting having anything to do with this one. We’re shown more of Ms. Goytia than intended, and certainly not in the best possible light, à la Isabella Ferrari in a recent outing.

Claudia Goytia nude in Rojo Orgásmico

Claudia Goytia bares all for very little in Christian González’s “Rojo Orgásmico”.



A better made nude scene featuring Claudia Goytia:

Para vestir Santos (2004)

Made nearly a decade earlier, this short has been sitting in one of my DVD’s for a while – it is not only one of the shortest in the compendium, but also one of the best, where half of its duration is taken up by a steamy sex scene between Goytia’s character and a neighbour.

Claudia Goytia nude in Para vestir santos

A more youthful Claudia Goytia, and a tastefully done nude scene, from the short, “Para vestir santos”.



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