Blanca Guerra in “Cómo ves” [1986 Mexico]

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I’m not well acquainted with the filmography of Mexican director Paul Leduc, but his 1986 film, “¿Cómo ves?” [Eng. Trans: What do you think?] is an interesting one. For a start, it depicts life in the less than glamorous settings of a slum in Mexico City, its gang culture, their then popular Punkrock scene, and some of the popular pop singers of the time representing themselves. The film is gritty and has a documentary feel to it – nothing is suggested – merely depicted in a matter-of-fact manner. It was also financed by the International Monitary Fund as part of celebrations for the International Year of the Youth.

I’m not a great fan of punkrock so I skimmed through portions of the film showing their long gigs, but I loved the excellent Merengue/Cumbia tracks in between – some of which was performed by Cecilia Toussaint.

Blanca Guerra:



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