Juliana Schalch and Sophia Reis in “Os 3” [2011 Brazil]

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Nando Olival’s drama, “Os 3” [Eng. Title: We Three] tries to unravel the world of reality TV by creating an interesting pretext – of three university friends inventing a way to stay together after their studies have completed.

Newly joined undergraduates Cazé, Rafael, and Camila connect during a party, and decide to live as flatmates from then on at Cazé’s apartment. They soon become firm friends, doing everything together – and even being referred to as ‘those three’ at college. Although Camila had suggested at the beginning that their friendship should remain strictly platonic, she ends up sleeping with Cazé, which is resented by Rafael – for he too loves Camila. But he continues to live with them. They present a concept for an online reality show as part of their course work, where inmates would be asked to use branded goods, which in turn could be interactively purchased by its viewers. An inspired faculty member suggests the three should do the show themselves, for a fee. They accept, because it gives them the opportunity to continue to live together rather than dispersing after their university course finishes. They are encouraged by producers to invent drama in order to make the show more engaging, but as the ratings sky rocket, the task of playing to the cameras a farcical ‘love triangle’ becomes mixed up with their own true feelings for one another. It soon becomes evident that their relationship will not be the same if one among the three is removed from the equation.

This is an interesting concept, but I couldn’t help feeling that love triangles have been dealt with in European cinema even more boldly and effectively (starting from Truffaut’s Jules et Jim, to Cordier’s more complex Douches Froides). I believe Olival may have watered down their human drama to suit Brazilian sensibilities, but in the process may have sacrificed its sincerity. There are additional characters thrown into the triumvirate’s midst that doesn’t go anywhere either. I loved the soundtrack, the characterisation isn’t too bad, but I haven’t been exactly bowled over by the cinematography and shot selection. On the whole, it is an average drama, for an average audience.

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The Nudity: Juliana Schalch and Sophia Reis
The film features brief scenes of nudity from Juliana Schalch who plays Camila, and Sophia Reis who plays Camila’s ‘visiting’ cousin Barbara. There is no male nudity.

Juliana Schalch and Sophia Reis in Os 3

Some brief scenes of nudity from Juliana Schalch and Sophia Reis in Nando Olival’s Brazilian drama, “Os 3” aka “We Three”.



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