Lena Nyman, Sonja Lindgren, and others in “Jag är Nyfiken – en film i Blått” [1968 Sweden]

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“Jag är Nyfiken – en film i Blått” [Eng. Title: I am Curious (Blue)] is the second half of Vilgot Sjöman’s duology “Jag är Nyfiken”. This however isn’t a sequel even while it retains the same characters and story from the previous half (I am Curious – Yellow). What it does is fill in gaps in the original story while we get to know more about Lena (both the actress and the character she is playing) and the various influences that shaped her beliefs and choices.

While some scenes are repetitive, they do help in connecting the two stories. I’ve never seen this without its companion piece (Yellow), so not sure how well this will work on its own, but nevertheless, this is essential viewing to better understand the previous film.

For those thinking about purchasing the DVD, they’re currently doing a deal in Amazon for both the films at the moment. Here’s the Link



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