Sarah Felberbaum, Chiara Francini, & others in “Maschi Contro Femmine” BR1080 [Italy 2010]

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Fausto Brizzi is one of the most commercially successful writer-directors in Italy today, and it is not hard to guess why – they are by and large gentle comedies with A-Grade star line-ups and a liberal budget. While entertaining to watch – they are certainly not Italian cinema at its best – more like a Hollywood formula packaged in Italian.

His 2010 film, “Maschi Contro Femmine” [Eng. Title: Males against Females] is sexy, funny, and a generally enjoyable comedy. It’s filled with beautiful people living a sanitised existence, and can’t do anything evil. There’s not much of a storyline though – we see a few people pairing up, breaking up, and getting back etc., so I’ll spare you the details, and proceed with the compilations – cut from Blu-ray – which says it all.

Technically, this is a grand production with no expense spared – aerial photography, underwater photography – you name it, it’s there, with some special effects thrown in for good measure. The editing, direction and soundtrack are typically ‘mainstream’ – satisfying young and old people alike. If you need to unwind with some easy viewing, this film is for you. A sequel of sorts (Femmine Contro Maschi) has also been released recently, but this is the one for bonus nude scenes.



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