Cristina Fassio & co in “Autodafé” [2010 Italy]

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Up and coming director Emilano Cribari also wrote and produced his film “Autodafé” [Auto-da-fé], a drama that also aims to be a thriller. It is an interesting film, but perhaps could have been better with a more well-rounded characterisation, particularly that of the protagonist. But I hasten to add that I simply love these neat little independent films however imperfect they may be, as they’re pure and devoid of glossy trappings. Most of the actors are fairly unknown as they come from a theatrical background, but it is cinema made in a sincere manner, and therefore Recommended Viewing..! DVD Link

Carlo’s father had just died, and he’s struggles to cope with the loss. At around the same time, he observes a few things like a framed photo keep getting dislodged in his household. Initially he fears it could be some poltergeist activity, but it becomes worrying when anonymous emails and phone calls start arriving to disrupt his balance. And he also keeps getting a recurring dream involving his father and the women he knew, along with a mysterious nude woman who doesn’t show her face at first. He tries to discuss his dreams with childhood friend and colleague at work, the already married Silvia, but she presumes he’s just feeling lonely and tries to cheer him up by talking about her fetishes and encouraging him to watch her sexual shenanigans through video chat. The anonymous emails relate to a specific date from his childhood, and he struggles to remember its significance – he suspects everyone around him of trying to blackmail him for some reason. As he strikes off each name from his list of suspects, the face of the mysterious woman in his dream begins to take shape. But who is she, and what did he do on the aforementioned day from his childhood..?



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