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A brief review: “El amor no es lo que era” [2013, Spain]

Gabriel Ochoa’s début feature, “El amor no es lo que era” [Eng. Title: Love Is Not What It Used to Be] attempts to make a mathematical interpretation of modern romantic relationships using three couples of various ages as case … Continue reading

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A film review: “Hermosa juventud” [2014 Spain, France]

Jaime Rosales expresses solidarity for young people living in recession-hit Spain through his latest drama, “Hermosa juventud” [Eng. Title: Beautiful Youth]. The film follows the fortunes of a young unemployed couple from Madrid.
Twenty two year old Natalia (Ingrid García … Continue reading

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A film review: “El amante bilingüe” [1993 Spain]

Vicente Aranda isn’t particularly renowned for comedy, because he hardly makes any – passionate melodrama is his preferred cup of tea. That’s why “El amante bilingüe” [Eng. Title: The Bilingual Lover] stands out in his filmography, for trying to … Continue reading

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A brief review: “Ocho apellidos vascos” [2014 Spain]

Emilio Martínez Lázaro’s recent box-office hit “Ocho apellidos vascos” [Eng. Title: Spanish Affairs] is a fish-out-of-water romantic comedy that draws on but discredits some widely held prejudices between Andalusian and Basque people, against each other.
The film begins with Basque … Continue reading

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Parallel lives: “Presentimientos” [2013 Spain]

Santiago Tabernero’s feature “Presentimientos” [Eng. Title: Inside Love], based on an award winning Clara Sánchez novel, analyses emotional crises that sometime afflict stable relationships within marriage. The film uses three timelines – two of which are parallel, in trying … Continue reading

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