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A review: “Hotel Atlântico” [2009 Brazil]

I ordered the DVD of Suzana Amaral’s most recent film “Hotel Atlântico” based on my experience watching her first film, the extraordinary A Hora da Estrela. It didn’t disappoint. Would you believe – the octogenarian has made only … Continue reading

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A brief review: “Bonitinha Mas Ordinária” [2013 Brazil]

Moacyr Góes tries to update Nelson Rodrigues’ torrid play “Bonitinha Mas Ordinária” [Eng. Title: Pretty, but Ordinary] for the twenty first century, but one couldn’t help wondering whether it was a futile exercise…
It’s a tragic story of seventeen year … Continue reading

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Wickedly honest: “Amarelo Manga” [2002 Brazil]

Cláudio Assis makes a stirring feature-film début with his brilliant observational drama “Amarelo Manga” [Eng. Title: Mango Yellow]. It’s about a section of the populace from his home town Recife, which he follows during the course of a day.
“The … Continue reading

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Tramp after the lady: “Cão Sem Dono” [2007 Brazil]

Beto Brant can be quite frustrating indeed – like the Italian director Dino Risi in some respects, there are moments in his films that can be utterly magical, but also moments when the screenplay meanders aimlessly and the characterisation … Continue reading

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Smell the coffee: “O Cheiro do Ralo” [2006 Brazil]

“God created the world, but it was man who created comfort, and also garbage – to keep idle people busy…” This is an excerpt translated from the conversation between Lourenço and Lourenço in a scene that vividly captures the … Continue reading

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