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The idea of togetherness tested in “Tillsammans” [2000 Sweden]

Multifaceted Lukas Moodysson represents a new generation of talented Swedish directors who have been successfully making their voices heard among mainstream audiences, and with an increasingly global appeal. His films often explore evolving societies by pitting idealism against pragmatic … Continue reading

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Liv Ullmann in Bergman’s “Skammen” [1968 Sweden]

The late sixties were momentous times in Europe and the world over, and Ingmar Bergman had a message to tell. He needed to tell us of our collective shame – the shame in the way people are governed, wars … Continue reading

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Marie Liljedahl & co in “Jag – en Oskuld” [1968 Sweden]

Let’s digress a little bit here. “Jag – en Oskuld” [Eng. Title: Inga] is a kind of ‘transitional’ film from the late sixties – a metamorphosis of sorts in cinema that eventually evolved into a new genre called ‘softcore’. … Continue reading

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Ingrid Thulin in “Vargtimmen” [1968, Sweden]

Ingmar Bergman ventures into horror genre in this 1968 classic, “Vargtimmen” [Eng. Title: The Hour of the Wolf]. Versatile though the great man is, as ever, he doesn’t for a frame forego his meticulous attention to detail. You don’t … Continue reading

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Lena Nyman, Sonja Lindgren, and others in “Jag är Nyfiken – en film i Blått” [1968 Sweden]

“Jag är Nyfiken – en film i Blått” [Eng. Title: I am Curious (Blue)] is the second half of Vilgot Sjöman’s duology “Jag är Nyfiken”. This however isn’t a sequel even while it retains the same characters and story … Continue reading

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