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Manuela Oyarzún and Paloma Moreno from “Paseo de Oficina” [2012 Chile]

Roberto Artiagoitía makes yet another below-the-line comedy “Paseo de Oficina” [Eng. Title: Office Tour] and it is pretty apparent that it was meant for a DVD audience on Saturday afternoons, preferably with a few cans of beer. The review … Continue reading

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Identifying one’s Morality through Sin, “Joven y alocada” [2012 Chile]

Young Chilean director Marialy Riva spars with religion and ingrained attitudes towards sex in her country through the drama “Joven y alocada” [Eng. Title: Young and Wild].
Narrated through a precocious teenager’s astonishingly detailed blog entries, we follow the sexual … Continue reading

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Life, fiction, and blah blah blah… “Bonsái” [2011 Chile]

Young directors like Cristián Jiménez are proof that cinema is alive and well in Chile, and Latin America in general. “Bonsái” may only be the second feature directed and scripted by Jiménez, but his ambitiousness is already plain to … Continue reading

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Toying with memory and time, Chilean style – “El Lenguaje del Tiempo” [2011 Chile]

Prior to this, I’d seen only one film by Sebastián Araya Serrano – Azul y Blanco, a football-gang themed romance that didn’t particularly win me over. However, his experimental film “El Lenguaje del Tiempo” [Eng. Title: The Language of … Continue reading

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Antonia Zegers in “Post Mortem” [2010 Chile]

I’ve only recently discovered young Chilean director Pablo Larrain, but can readily see he is set for greater things. He breaks away from the typical Latin American mould to fluidly incorporate stylistic elements from other cinema particularly from northern … Continue reading

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