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Celebrating Balkan spunk in “Zivot je cudo” [2004 Serbia, France]

Emir Kusturica revisits his favourite time and space – the Yugoslavian conflict, in his inimitable style of course, through the romantic comedy “Zivot je cudo” [Eng. Title: Life is a Miracle].
It’s the summer of 1992. Luka (Slavko Stimac) is … Continue reading

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Remembering Dusan Makavejev’s chaotic masterpiece “Ljubavni Slucaj” [1967 Yugoslavia]

When you think of flawed geniuses in cinema, you tend to remember and love them precisely because of those flaws. The flaws obviously are not in their undoubted technical or artistic skills – more like their thought processes, and … Continue reading

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Kristin Scott Thomas in “Un Été Inoubliable” [1994 Romania, France]

The sojourn into eastern European cinema continues with a film from renowned Romanian director Lucian Pintilie, the Franco-Romanian production, “Un Été Inoubliable” [Romanian Title: O Vara de Neuitat, English Title: An Unforgettable Summer].
Multifaceted Pintilie started making films in communist … Continue reading

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Scenes from Emir Kusturica’s “Underground” [1995 Yugoslavia, France, Germany]

I’ll start exploring Serbian cinema with a film from one of its famous directors, Emir Kusturica (Arizona Dream). His 1995 war drama “Underground” was critically acclaimed at Cannes and elsewhere, perhaps losing out on other major awards due to … Continue reading

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