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Life is a nightmare – “Sílení” [2005 Czech Rep, Slovakia]

Czech director Jan Svankmajer is renowned for his surreal films and fascinating stop-motion animations that some may find macabre. In his 2005 film, “Sílení” [Eng. Title: Lunacy], he opens the film in person and informs that we’re about to … Continue reading

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Vintage romance and superstition from Bohemia – “Divá Bára” [1949 Czechoslovakia]

Vladimir Cech’s quaint little drama from 1949, “Divá Bára” [Eng. Trans: Wild Bara], is for those who love a good ol’ fashioned ‘black and white’ romance now and again. Not the kind that’ll well your eyes with tears though … Continue reading

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Summer Romance, Czech-style, in “Romance pro kridlovku” [1966 Czechoslovakia]

Otakar Vávra is widely considered the father of Czech cinema, with a career spanning the best part of the twentieth century and a bit, including some of the most turbulent years in the country’s history. But his most famous … Continue reading

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