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A review: “Hotel Atlântico” [2009 Brazil]

www.simplesharebuttons.com I ordered the DVD of Suzana Amaral’s most recent film “Hotel Atlântico” based on my experience watching her first film, the extraordinary A Hora da Estrela. It didn’t disappoint. Would you believe – the octogenarian has made only … Continue reading

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A brief review: “Bonitinha Mas Ordinária” [2013 Brazil]

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Moacyr Góes tries to update Nelson Rodrigues’ torrid play “Bonitinha Mas Ordinária” [Eng. Title: Pretty, but Ordinary] for the twenty first century, but one couldn’t help wondering whether it was a futile exercise…
It’s a tragic story of seventeen year … Continue reading

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Wickedly honest: “Amarelo Manga” [2002 Brazil]

www.simplesharebuttons.com Cláudio Assis makes a stirring feature-film début with his brilliant observational drama “Amarelo Manga” [Eng. Title: Mango Yellow]. It’s about a section of the populace from his home town Recife, which he follows during the course of a day.
“The … Continue reading

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Smell the coffee: “O Cheiro do Ralo” [2006 Brazil]

www.simplesharebuttons.com “God created the world, but it was man who created comfort, and also garbage – to keep idle people busy…” This is an excerpt translated from the conversation between Lourenço and Lourenço in a scene that vividly captures the … Continue reading

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The Devil’s in the detail: “O Homem Que Desafiou o Diabo” [2007 Brazil]

www.simplesharebuttons.com Moacyr Góes’ delightfully gaudy “O Homem Que Desafiou o Diabo” [Eng. Title: The Man Who Challenged the Devil] is not your everyday comedy, even if it might appear outwardly so at first glance.
The film, about the hilarious adventures of … Continue reading

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