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Chasing stolen memories: “Q smette di ricordare” [2014 Italy]

And now for something completely different..!
Sebastiano Montresor’s “Q smette di ricordare” [Eng. Title: Q Quits Recollecting], is the second part of a duology made in the style of a graphic novel, and adhering to his principles of agrestic cinema. … Continue reading

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The wonder years – “Anni felici” [2013 Italy, France]

Directors like Daniele Luchetti thrive in delving into nostalgia, and his semi-autobiographical “Anni felici” [Eng. Title Those Happy Years] looks back at his family while growing up amidst the crazy 70’s art scene.
Guido (Kim Rossi Stuart) is a restless sculptor and … Continue reading

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A review: “Vipera” [2000 Italy]

Sergio Citti is mostly remembered as a writer, for his collaboration with many Italian greats such as Pier Paolo Pasolini and Ettore Scola. But he was also a gifted, if slightly underrated director, with a style noticeably influenced by … Continue reading

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When can consensual sex become rape: “La condanna” [1991 Italy]

Marco Bellocchio throws the cat among the pigeons in his courtroom drama “La condanna” [Eng. Title: The Conviction] by pitting the legal interpretation of consensual sex against the dynamics of sexual politics.
“Does the female expect the male to take … Continue reading

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The rebirth of classic-giallo: “Tulpa” [2012 Italy]

Pop-musician and film-maker Federico Zampaglione has succeeded in making a full-blooded giallo in the classic tradition of Fulci and Argento with his latest horror-thriller, “Tulpa – Perdizioni mortali” [Eng. Title: Tulpa] – it comes complete with the Fedora hat … Continue reading

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